What is Tissue Advertising?

  • Turns a Tissue Pack or Tissue Box into an EXTRAORDINARY marketing opportunity.
  • An advertising concept with a SUCCESSFUL track record overseas (especially in Japan).
  • Puts an EXCITING advertising / promotion message on the packaging of a Tissue Pack or Tissue Box.
  • A pocket-sized MOBILE BILLBOARD that is highly VISIBLE.
  • An OPPORTUNITY to approach a consumer ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
  • Maximizes your BRAND EXPOSURE in the market place.


  1. Easy Distribution
    Completely mobile! Can be distributed anywhere!
  2. 100% Acceptance & High Retention
    People will surely accept and will NOT discard them (like flyers / brochures) since it is useful, it can be passed to a friend or kept for another day!
  3. Wide Reach & Circulation
    Able to reach every segment of your target market!
  4. High Visibility
    Can be seen at food courts, dining tables, work desks, discussion tables and anywhere the user brings it!
  5. Multiple Exposure
    With 8 tissue sheets in each tissue pack or 80 tissue sheets in each tissue box, your advertising message gets multiple exposure by being seen a number of times! Many more times than advertising in newspapers & magazines!
  6. Versatile
    Can be used on its own for branding purposes or as part of another promotional activity!
  7. Value For Money
    $$$ cost saving, makes your dollar work harder and is more affordable than other forms of advertising!
  8. Minimal Wastage
    Even when the tissues are used up, the empty packaging can be used for redemption in conjunction with your marketing campaigns!

Places of Use:

- Events
- Exhibitions
- Road Shows
- Trade Shows
- Conventions / Conferences / Seminars
- Trainings / Education
- Property Launches
- Product Launches
- Promotions
- Weddings
- Elections
- Concerts
- Shopping Malls
- Supermarkets
- Coffee Shops
- Petrol Stations
- Churches
- Hospitals & Clinics
- Community Clubs
- Hotels
- Schools
- Spas
- Restaurants / F&B Outlets
- Magazine Inserts

Creative Ways of Use:

- Gift Vouchers
- Discount Coupons
- Namecards
- Invitations
- Privileged Cards
- Contest Slips